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Martha Stewart

Across The Plains 2 Framed Gel Coated Canvas

Across The Plains 2 Framed Gel Coated Canvas

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Bring the great outdoors to your home with the Martha Stewart Across The Plains II Framed Gel Coated Canvas. This framed canvas features a lush country landscape with a gel coating that provides a glossy finish to preserve the vivid colors. A coordinating frame complements the farmhouse style artwork, while two D-rings on the back make it easy to hang. A part of the Martha Stewart Farmhouse Collection, this framed gel coated canvas adds a tranquil update to your living room or home office decor.

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1 Canvas: 25.2”W x 21.2”L x 1.2”H

• Landscape print gel coated and framed canvas
• Martha Stewart Farmhouse collection
• Ideal for home or office wall decor
• Framed canvas dimension 25.2 x 21.2 x 1.2
• Two D-ring to hang on a wall
• Modern contempory wall art
MDF: 30%, Canvas: 30%, Polystyrene: 20%, Gel: 20%

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