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Sateen Duvet Cover Set (600 TC) 100% Egyptian Cotton

Sateen Duvet Cover Set (600 TC) 100% Egyptian Cotton

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Discover HALE, the fabulous Moroccan brand that brings you incredible bed linens. Looking for the best Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover? Well, your search stops at HALE. Our Duvet Covers are made with a special kind of cotton that's super soft and lets your skin breathe. Plus, they come with corner ties to keep your duvet in place easily. The Cotton Egypt Association vouches for the authenticity of our sheets, so you know you're getting the real deal in Egyptian cotton. To ensure a top-notch duvet cover, We only use thread count of 300 and above quality.And the best part? We make sure all our products are safe with no harmful stuff, earning us the OEKO-Tex Certified badge.

At HALE, we're on a mission to be eco-friendly. That's why we pack our products in eco-conscious packaging. Sleep well, knowing you're wrapped in luxury and supporting a greener planet.

Need help choosing the perfect sheets for your bed? Message us on WhatsApp, and our advisers will assist you. Sweet dreams begin with Hale.

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